Best Areas To Buy Properties In Dubai

With a population that consists of roughly 85% foreigners, it is fairly common for expats to rent and buy in Dubai.

With a diverse workforce, there are lots of choices when it comes to developments and areas to live in Dubai. From family-friendly communities, to fashionable apartments in downtown Dubai, each area has it’s pros and cons.

1. Downtown Dubai


Known for the record-breaking Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai is well known for it’s upscale lifestyle – luxury shopping, premium restaurants and world-class entertainment.

The area is located right beside the Sheikh Zayed Road, which makes it accessible to and from the rest of the city.

Property types and prices

Downtown Dubai is known for its luxurious high-end apartment towers. You can mostly find residential apartments in this area, with a lot of new development still going on.

If you’re buying an apartment for scenic views, don’t forget to look around if there is any other future development planned that might block your view.

Prices in this area are considerably high, probably the highest in Dubai.

You can find a one-bedroom apartment for around AED 1,400,000 (USD 375,000) while a 3 bedroom apartment in Burj Vista costs around AED 6 million (USD 1.6 million).

Compared to other locations in Dubai, average Downtown yields are lower, which means it is usually popular with owner-occupiers. If you are searching for a buy-to-let property in Dubai, other locations are recommended for higher returns.

2. Business Bay

Business Bay is a neighboring district of Downtown Dubai, with plenty of high-rise buildings as well. It’s an emerging area and the business and commercial center of the city. You’ll be able to find many high-end shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels here.

Business Bay is considered as a recently developed area, with plenty of skyscrapers and future projects still under construction.

From here, you have easy access to Safa Park, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Burj Khalifa, just to mention a few.

Many corporations from neighboring commercial areas have decided to move to Business Bay, thanks to more affordable prices.

Property types and prices

You can find many newly developed high-rise apartments, for urban professionals and families.

The property prices here are lower than Downtown Dubai, but with higher yields.

Two-bedroom apartments average at around AED 1,400,000 (USD 380,000).

3. Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is one of the most iconic destinations in Dubai, with many apartments enjoying marina views, as well as easy access to shops, malls and cafes.

Thanks to its proximity to Downtown Dubai, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Internet City, it’s popular among working professionals and families alike.

Comparing with other areas, this is a good option if you’re looking for higher yields.

Property types and prices

You can find high-rise apartments, townhouses, and luxury villas in this area.

Prices are lower than Downtown Dubai, but yields are high, as it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods with young professionals.

Depending on the project, you can normally find apartments for 1-2 million AED. For example, a two-bedroom apartment in West Avenue is available for AED 2 million, which equals to a little more than USD 500,000.

4. Palm Jumeirah


Palm Jumeirah is considered as a modern-day wonder of the world, consisting of a 3 miles long and 3 miles wide artificial island in the shape of a palm.

The area was developed as a holiday destination, that’s why you can find many restaurants, hotels, and resorts in this area, including the Fairmont and the Atlantis.

Yields are not as high as the areas close to Downtown Dubai.

Property types and prices

Palm Jumeirah consists of 4000 exclusive villas and a few recently constructed apartment projects.

The prices of villas vary, depending on the size and location, most of the villas are large with 5-7 bedrooms.

You can buy a 6-7 room villa for around AED 6 million (USD 1.6 million). Five bedroom villas are available for a bit more than AED 3 million.

If you compare this area with other villa communities, like The Springs and Arabian Ranches, prices are higher.

5. Jumeirah Village Circle

This recently developed and modern area was designed to provide a peaceful village setting for residents. It’s located further away from the hustle and bustle of the Marina and Downtown.

It’s developed as a modern village with 2,800 spacious villas and 3,100, townhouses with plenty of green spaces between each block.

Catering to young families, you’ll find sufficient amenities in this area, including parks, schools, sports fields, and community centers.

The area is most popular among families who want to live in a peaceful environment but with easy access to all the amenities of a modern-day life.

Property types and prices

Compared to the more central areas, you’ll not find many high-rise buildings here.

Many villas have 4 bedrooms and 3 terraces, with a spacious garage for two cars. On average, you can buy a 4 bedroom villa for around AED 2 million, which equals USD 600,000.

Many families like this area and look for investment or renting properties, hence the yields are also higher here compared to some other areas.

The prices are still much lower compared to Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah.

6. Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers has the highest concentration of high-rise towers in Dubai. It‘s a neighbouring district of Dubai Marina and is located right across the Sheikh Zayed Road.

This area has around 80 apartments and mixed-use towers, as well as many high-end hotels. Being a densely populated residential area, you’ll find many restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and entertainment options here.

Dubai Metro passes through this area, while another road connects it with Abu Dhabi as well, so access to transportation is also a plus.

As well as having walking paths around the artificial lakes, there are also plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy.

Property types and prices

You can mostly find luxury apartment projects in this area. However, there’s a large variety among apartment types, like penthouses, serviced apartments, and hotel apartments.

Penthouses usually range from 4-6 million AED, while a one-bedroom apartment can cost you 0.5-1 million AED.

7. Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is suitable for people who want to invest in luxury villas.

This gated villa community has emerged as one of the most sought-after locations in the last few years.

There’s still a lot of development going on in the area, with rising demand from investors. Most popular among families, it’s considered as one of the fastest developing areas in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches is developed on the outskirts of Dubai, closer to the desert, which adds to the feeling of being out of busy city life.

There’s still plenty to do, including the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club and a huge golf course located in the same area.

In total, there are 20 different sub-communities with different types of villas and locations.

Property types and prices

You can find spacious luxury villas as well as townhouses for small and large families.

If you’re interested in buying villas, this area is more affordable than Palm Jumeirah but slightly more expensive than the Springs, the two other popular areas for villa communities.

You can find luxury villas for an average price of AED 5 million, but there are many high-end projects with more sought-after views like Polo Homes. These will set you back up to AED 18 million (USD 5 million).

8. Springs

The Springs is a villa and townhouse community, located further away from the city center, providing families with a relaxing and quiet environment, without compromising on any amenities.

Greenery, lakes, and parks surround the community, making it a perfect option for families. The only drawback is the access to the city center, and you’ll probably need a car.

Average prices have declined in past years, making it a more affordable option.

Property types and prices

In total, there are 4,800 villas and townhouses in this gated community. You can find 2-4 bedroom villas for reasonable prices.

Comparing to the other three areas known for villas (Jumeirah Village Circle, Palm Jumeirah, and Arabian Ranches), Springs is more affordable. In fact, you can buy a villa of the same size in the Springs for less than half a price compared to Palm Jumeirah.

On average, you can find a townhouse for AED 2-3 million.

For more information about how foreigners can buy a Dubai property, take a look at this article with helpful facts, including the process of buying off-plan, and associated fees when buying Dubai property.

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