April 2022


Ground Rent Reform: Charges to be banned on new leases

From 30 June 2022, UK ground rent charges will be banned on most new leases in England and Wales. This move by the government forms the first part of a leasehold reform package that is aimed to make homeownership fairer, cheaper and more secure. What are leasehold properties? Before talking about the details of the new ground rent reform, it’s crucial to understand what leasehold properties...

Dubai Golden Visa

Dubai Golden Visa New Rules: What does this mean for international property investors?

If you’re looking to move to Dubai or invest in property in the city, the UAE has recently announced important changes to the Dubai Golden Visa for international property investors.The Golden Residence Scheme is a long-term visa offering 10 years of residence. These updates will simplify eligibility criteria and provide additional benefits and flexibility to visa holders.With an aim of strengthening the...

Buying property in the UK after Brexit

Buying property in the UK after Brexit

Brexit is a unique scenario that impacts every aspect of the UK economy. Is buying property in the UK after Brexit still safe? How does it affect investment options?Generally speaking, UK property is a stable, safe and high-performing asset class.Over the last few decades, investors have enjoyed both high yields and high, sustained capital growth while other markets have been less resilient to...

Can offshore companies buy and own UK property?

UK property is a world-renowned asset class, with investors from all over the world seeking to acquire real estate in the country. But can offshore companies buy and own UK property? It's a popular option for investors from other nations. Let's take a more detailed look.Part of the appeal of UK property is the sustained history of outperforming other asset classes through high capital appreciation and...

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